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If you are going to do something, then do it right

get_image.php.jpgThis Hackensack, NJ man was charged with having nearly a terabyte (as in 1,000 GB) of child porn in a secret room at his home. One possible reason for the secret room (besides, you know, the child porn being illegal) was that Hurley was surprisingly (and yet, not so much) married with two children.

Tangled wires connected a heap of hard drives to a 72-inch television, where Graham D. Hurley was able to watch the videos β€œin a huge way,” said Hackensack Police Chief Ken Zisa.
A fingerprint identifying system installed at the door of a second floor room was the only way anyone could get in and out, the chief said.
Police also found hidden cameras – tucked in air fresheners, humidifiers and a radio – that they said the unemployed Hurley used to spy on young girls who used the toilet or took showers, Zisa said.

Police originally went to his home due to a tip that he was molesting a minor (really? no!), and discovered the room during the arrest.

This guy doesn’t pussyfoot around when it comes to kiddie porn. I guess if you are going to have that much porn, regardless of the legality of its subjects, then you might as well go all out with it. No one is going to argue with you about how much porn is a reasonable amount at that point.

But this does raise some questions:

1) Does this count as a Guinness world record? If so, who has the horrible job of verifying it?

2) Who would ever want to touch that fingerprint scanner now?

3) Is there any way to sponsor building a special place in hell for this guy, if there isn’t one already?

4) When the hell did he find the time to watch all that, let alone find it?

5) Wouldn’t this be the worst adaptation to The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe ever?

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Hang on, the guy was married (with kids) and his wife didnt notice that fact that he was a child pornographer? I wonder if at any point it occured to her to say something along the lines of "Honey, why do we have a door in our home requiring finger-print ID"? Unless she just didn't notice an entire chunk of her home was inaccessible.

But then again, she was married to a paedophile so I'm guessing she's not really that observant.

That is an entirely relevant point, Alex. Dammit, now I'm going to be mulling that all day.

From what I recall of the story when it was on the local news 'round these parts, the wife struck me as possibly mail-order. She may not have been asking too many questions. And even if not, you never know what went on between them. He doesn't strike me as someone who'd hesitate to abuse/terrorize his wife into submission.

Vermillion, if you find out about #3 you can sign me up to contribute, too.


Yo i live on POPLAR AVE. OMG he lives on my street. I cant believe it. I have lived there since i was 5.

I know someone who worked with the guy and he hosted company BBQ's at his house. Can you imagine, he probably even videotaped his co-workers. I wonder what they think of him now.

I did work with this guy. It was at a major financial firm (I won't say the name)and he was in the information security organization. He was always a pain to work with, but there was nothing about him that indicated this kind of depravity.

Thankfully, we only had to work together over the phone. Several people that I know and work with know him, and we are all in complete shock by this.

As far as the locks go, he probably told his wife that it was necessary for work. I never met her, or talked to her so I can't say how gullible she might be. It really is a shame that the death penalty does not apply to child molesters. He's obviously invested a great deal of time and money in this sick perversion, and has likely ruined several peoples lives.