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Another Day, Another Gay Republican

4274.jpgNow, here’s my problem with the rash of Republicans unwillingly outed by their own actions — somehow, this plays into the hands of the G.O.P. platform. Every time someone discovers a Republican is gay, the mocking headlines pour forth, and said gay Republican is treated like a letch, thus stigmatizing homosexuality and setting the gay rights movement back another five years. So, c’mon Republicans: The next time one of you is outed, own it, herald it, proclaim it proudly. This denial business hurts both you and the cause, so cut it out, all right?

And yeah, I’m talking to you Richard Curtis. Curtis, a Republican state representative in Washington who was in Spokane last week for a legislative retreat, is being accused of having consensual sex with another man at the Red Lion Hotel (oooh — fancy!). Now, Curtis is purportedly being blackmailed by his alleged sexual partner, who has vowed to reveal the liaison unless Curtis meets his demands.

Well, so much for the extortion attempt — police are now investigating whether or not a sexual encounter took place. Curtis is on record stating that he is not gay and did not solicit sex. No, he says: He just got into a mess trying to help someone out. And if by “help someone out,” he meant, “give the man a reach around,” I’m sure he helped out quite a bit.

Now, Mr. Curtis — when and if you are officially outed, please (please) don’t deny your love of men, don’t say it was a mistake, and please don’t go to gay rehab. Just sing it out loud, man: “I’m Gay and I’m Proud.” The sooner all you Republicans do that, the sooner it’s going to be OK for the rest of the gay Republicans to come out without fear of reproach. Capisce?

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Ever read Monstrous Regiment? Its a Discworld novel about a country where the women are entirely repressed by the overbearing patriarchy that is in turn steered by the military. This girl sets out to save her brother, dressed as a man, and realizes that every other guy in her regiment is also a female (the men having been long-since captured or killed by said overzealous military's campaigns). Not to ruin it or anything, but at the end, it turns out that the entire government is run by women dressed up as men, and terrified that all the other men will find out.

So yeah, Curtis: You're not alone.

Monstrous Regiment is a great book. I'd recommend it to anyone.