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A “Hiccup” Is an Involuntary Spasm of the Diaphragm; This Was a Giant “Fuckup”

57441045.gif.jpgSo, you’re telling me that TSA can now download files off your computer as part of its screening of foreigners, but they can’t stop a homeless man from sleeping on a plane?

A homeless man managed to sneak onto a plane on Wednesday morning. The man slipped past security guards at a perimeter check point while guards were inspecting a vehicle. He was found sleeping on a regional jet that was being worked on.
The Lambert police chief is calling this incident a “hiccup” in the system.

Don’t you feel safe now?

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So according to my IT geek boyfriend, the law that says they can download your files fails to include a provision that requires you to give them your password.

Aside from the Bill of Rights, I think Stupidity is one of the greatest governmental institutions protecting our personal liberties.