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What? I Was Just Sampling the Evidence

M_IMAGE.118eaf352b3.93.88.fa.d0.d9327b50.jpgPop Quiz: You’re a prospective juror for a marijuana possession case. What’s the best way to avoid jury duty?

A prospective juror in a marijuana possession trial was hauled off to jail Tuesday after police said they caught her smoking a joint outside the courthouse. Attornies in the case had narrowed the jury pool down to 20 people when they took a 45 minute break. When the break was over, 49-year-old Cornelia Turner Mayo didn’t return to Judge Sherman Ross’ courtroom.
Turns out she was on a smoking break — but what she was allegedly smoking was illegal. “I’ve had prospective jurors get lost before, but it never occurred to me that they might be getting ready for a marijuana trial by, allegedly, smoking marijuana,” Judge Ross told the Houston Chronicle.

Works every time!

[Seth: What I don’t get is that folks are supposed to have a jury of their peers. This girl is absolutely the defendant’s peer, right?]