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What? Why Is this the First I’m Hearing About It …

xin_190504010855307145789.jpgAnd why is the source a UK paper?

Tourists visiting the US face even tougher security checks now airport officials can search through mobile phones and laptops. Guards can download any details contained in the items and keep them indefinitely, following a new court ruling.
The latest legislation could mean lengthier queues as security copy photos, emails and phone records. Visitors already face hour-long waits while armed officers take fingerprints and photos.
Travel agents’ group Abta stormed: “It’s another ratcheting up of Fortress America. It’s certainly not a good thing for passengers - it is rather Big Brother.”

Welcome to the Land of the Free, foreigners! I wouldn’t worry too much, though: Most TSA Agents probably have no idea how to download the files on your computer.

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So my research or yet-to-be-published fiction, or my husband's current (NDA) research into solar cell technology is intellectual property up for grabs and thrown into some unchecked limbo?


I guess we'll just be taking down memory sticks to our next conference in the US--at least whatever the Agents take away will be going public within days, anyway.