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Your Serve, Dems

07126185119_Bernie-Ward-185.jpgDamnit — this back and forth is killing me. First, a Democrat tries to piddle one kiddie, then a Republican is convicted of piddling two kiddies, and now a Democrat has returned serve, surrendering himself to authorities on accusations of child porn. And this guy is not only a well-known liberal radio talk show host, but a former Catholic priest who has a well known radio program called “God Talks” And apparently, God talks about rubbing one off to images of 9-year-old tykes.

Oh, but wait — Bernie Ward has an excuse! He was doing research. For a book. On child porn! Of course. Of course! Absolve this man. It was research!

What’s so surprising is that this man is a former Catholic priest. I never would’ve guessed.

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I'm not sure this counts as a full return serve. He used to be a catholic priest. Doesn't that somehow seem like a gimme of sorts? Like they were just using him as a ringer?

ah the pete townshend defense

This seems to be the standard excuse much like Chris Langham and Pete Townsend.