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GOP to Dems: I See Your Pedophilia and Raise You a Child Sex Scandal

nielsen.jpgThe other day, after Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell’s scheduler got caught trying to get into the pants of a 13-year-old pube-less adolescent, it looked briefly like the Democrats were finally going to steal the limelight away from the Republicans in the field of sexual perversity. But the G.O.P. has come back with a child sex scandal of their own. And this guy is not a mere scheduler, he “has extensive personal ties to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R.) and Orange County Republican Party boss Scott Baugh.”

Those crazy Republicans — they just won’t give up without a fight, will they? Anyway, Jeffrey Ray Nielsen — who claimed the liberal media was out to get him — finally admitted earlier this week that the goddamn liberal media was right all along: He has pleaded guilty to committing lewd acts on two young boys, 12 and 14. And by lewd acts, I suspect what they mean is one helluva zerbert! And while he was charged with enough crimes to put him in prison for a decade, he got off with only a three-year prison sentence.

Hmm … I wonder why? I think I’ll just blame it on the liberal media.

(H/T Wonkette)