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“You took my money, and that’s what you get!”

Jesus! It’s one thing to fire your lawyer, but, my God! There’s really never a good excuse to pull out a pistol and shoot him, over and over and over again, while the poor guy tries to hide behind a tree.

Aspiring lawyers out there: It’s a dangerous profession. And when a fat man comes after you with a gun, the only suggestion we can offer is: Find a bigger tree.

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I think we should implement this as part of the justice system.

I remember this from a couple of years ago. The background is that the shooter, William Strier, sued Evelyn Murphy, who was a trustee managing Strier's settlement from an accident. Curry was Murphy's lawyer, and a judge had just awarded both of them fees, which were to be paid from the trust.

The camera crews were there waiting for a press conference in the Robert Blake case.

This guy was pretty messed up. A quick search turned up lots of weird stuff on the case.

By the way, he got life+25 for this.

I would like to know whether or not the lawyer recovered and how many shots actually made contact with him. I hope he made a full recovery, but if the shooter received a life sentence then I wonder.