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You might have a drinking problem if…

tjm.jpgShelby County, Tennessee is quite safe under the careful watch of Sheriff’s Deputy Dennis Clark. Well, if you consider an alcoholic drunk-driver with guns to be the sort of guy you want watching over your safety.

Last week, someone called for an ambulance when they saw Clark passed out in the driver’s seat of his pickup truck - seems he fell asleep while waiting for the red light to change. Hey - it happens to the best of us. He was hauled off and charged with a DUI after blowing a .09% blood alcohol level. He’s now been suspended with pay, and I’m guessing he’ll back on the job in the not-too-distant future.

And the reason I’m guessing this is because he wasn’t fired after a March incident that was almost as bad. He only got a 10 day suspension after strolling into a T.J. Mulligans while wearing his weapon, and then getting so drunk at the bar that he passed out cold (the recipe for this inebriation was apparently two beers, three shots of Jager and a martini). I mean, if passing out drunk at a bar while wearing your gun doesn’t get you fired, what’s a little DUI, right?


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How can someone with such flagrant disregard for alcohol laws be such a friggin lightweight? Passed out at .09? Pussy.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I'm not trying to make light of a drinking problem, but just two beers, three jager shots and a martini??? Does this guy weigh ninety pounds or something?

perhaps he's using pills too, that .09 isn't what I would consider drunk. They should test his urine and see what else is there, after all - he's a sherrif's deputy and should be held to the highest standards.