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Well this story didn’t play out the way it would in the movies

shake.jpgBack in 2004, Willie Joe McAdams was sentenced to 40 years in the clink for shooting a Houston man, Cedric Thomas, in the head. Thomas wasn’t killed, thankfully, although he did wind up loosing his vision in one eye. Earlier this month, things took a potential bad turn when McAdams was accidentally released from prison just a tad too early. You know, like 36 years too early.

Seems there was some type of “clerical error” or “human error,” as the Texas Department of Corrections is spinning it, stemming from some information wrongly typed into the system back when McAdams started his prison-stint in ‘04 (someone typed a “4” instead of a “40”). Anyway, McAdams ended up going into a bar on the weekend of July 4th and finding Cedric Thomas, his former victim.

This is where the film version would’ve had thing get very ugly.

In reality, McAdams simply walked up to Thomas and apologized for shooting him, shaking Thomas’ hand.

McAdams has since been picked up and returned to the clink, where he still has 16 more years until he’s eligible for parole. That he didn’t turn himself in, knowing he was wrongfully out, will surely play against his parole chances. But on the other hand, the handshake/apology will surely play in his favor. Of course, he’ll have to wait 16 years to see which way the scale ultimately tips.