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You Gotta Pay the Po-Lice Tax

omar.jpgSteven Leavitt, the dude behind Freakonomics, has done a study on prostitution in Chicago and come up with a fascinating statistic:

They estimate that roughly 3 percent of all tricks performed by prostitutes who aren’t working with pimps are freebies given to police to avoid arrest. In fact, prostitutes get officially arrested only once per 450 tricks or so, leading the authors to conclude that “a prostitute is more likely to have sex with a police officer than to get officially arrested by one.”

You see that David Simon? This is why there should be another season of “The Wire.” Aside from a brief excursion into prostitution in Season 2, it’s been a relatively untapped field on the show, and I’m sure there’s plenty of folks who’d love to see Detective Bunk Moreland exchange free passes for hummers. Oh, and how good a pimp would Omar be? A gay, sawed-off shotgun wielding pimp!

(H/T Overlawyered)

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