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Pop Quiz: How To Prevent a Bank Robbery

bankrobbery.jpgA few men with hoods and a handgun walk into a bank and demand all the money in the safe. If you’re a bank teller, what’s the best course of action if you’re hoping to avoid injury and keep the money from being stolen:

A) Hit the silent alarm, wait for police to arrive, and risk a hostage situation?

B) Pull gun out from money drawer, shoot robber in face, risk having your own face shot?

C) Scream gibberish words, fall to the ground, and fake seizure?

D) Calmly get up, walk into the next room, and shut the door behind you?

The answer, of course, is D.

A bank robbery attempt on Sydney’s north shore was foiled when the bank’s tellers got up, walked into another room, and closed the door instead of handing over the cash, police report
Three men wearing dark hooded tops, one with a handgun, entered the Westpac bank in Northbridge at around 3pm today and demanded money.
But rather than acede to the robber’s demands, staff calmly left their seats, walked into a secure room and shut the door behind them.
“The branch has counter to ceiling plastic shields which are bullet-proof,” Inspector Jeff Bell from Chatswood Police told smh.com.au.
“So the men were unable to get at the tellers. The room they went into was key entry at the side so they couldn’t get in there either.”
With no way of getting the money, the robbers were forced to leave empty handed.