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You go, Carl!

law-library2.jpgSo here in California, we have a fuck-ton of long, boring codes. Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Business & Professions Codes, Family Code, Fish and Game Code, Water Code, etc. etc. But they’re all copyrighted. So if you want to purchase a digital copy of the 38-volume California Code of Regulations, it’ll set you back over fifteen hundy, and it’s over two grand for the books.

Carl Malamud thinks this is bollocks, so he’s posted the entire Code of Regulations online for free. He’s also posting other state, local and federal codes, spoiling for a fight. “Sue me,” he’s saying. “Sue me long and hard.”

And get this — it’s worked, at least once. He actually got Oregon to stop claiming copyrights to its laws earlier this year.

(Hat tip: Reason Magazine)

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But the majority of the CCR is online already. However, I wonder if he's the one who published the CA Building Code (Title 24), which actually is copyrighted, and not even available on Westlaw or Lexis. I used to have to bug my architect friend to copy sections of the code for me, but I recently found a copy of it online. If so, I want to shake this man's hand!

Thank you for the info.

M. Joseph

Huh. That's kind of an odd comment. But then, I guess this could be a useful post for people...so...yup.