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Idle Thoughts

idle_free_van.jpgHere where I currently reside, in Portland, Maine, the city council has enacteda new law that makes it a crime, punishable with $50 fines, to leave your car idling for more than five minutes.


I’m not entirely sure how the law will be enforced, unless they will unleash a force of police officers who will scour the city for those damned idling cars, but the law is apparently designed to cut down on greenhouse gasses. However, the law will be suspended if its under 32 degree or if the driver is ill. Strange Maine.

I wonder if Prius (Pree-I?) are exempt, because they don’t use gasoline while they idle?

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What do truck drivers do in idle free states? Most semis have sleeper cabs, and drivers keep the engine idling for the heat or A/C. Do they get an exemption?

That law would never work in California. Half my time spent on the freeways is idling.

I know in my hometown, cops have started to ticket people that leave their cars running while going into businesses. This is especially an issue at the post office as for some reason people become complete morons in those parking lots. I've seen women leave their driver side door open, with a kid in a car seat in the back, and run inside as if the lines don't take forever. I forget what they call it but I think its the same ticket you get if all four wheels of your car leave the road (like one of them Duke Boys!!!) not that I've ever yelled YEEEEHAAAAW!!! as I jump a pile of dirt to get away from a deputy.