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You can seed the ground, but if you water the seedling, you gotta pay for it to become a tree

homer-sperm.jpgI was going to embed the video for you right here, but apparently ABC only wants its videos posted on massively popular or corporate sites. So you’ll have to click here to watch the report about a sperm donor who’s been ordered pay child support.

(Hat tip to reader Kristen E.)

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What? This site's not massively popular? What am I doing here?

What a non-story. The guy breaches the agreement first by demanding a say in the upbringing, then cries foul over the hardly controversial notion that input and support are linked?

And I love the dire warning that this COULD ... SOMEDAY ... SOMEHOW ... lead to truly anonymous donors being held liable for child support.

Next case please, Officer Byrd...

Based on the video, that guy sounded a lot more like a dad than a sperm donor. Sperm donors don't attend the birth, spend weekends with the kids, and make demands of the mother to raise the kids in a particular way. It's great for the kids that he has been a father, but as such, he also has a responsibility to help support them financially. If he had impregnated the mother the old fashion way, there would be doubt that he should help pay for them. Claiming that artificial insemination means you get the benefits of fatherhood without the responsibility is a bit of a cop out.