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Embittered Old Bitch Plays Arugula Card

mccainasdfasdfasdf.jpgStick your nose out the window, McCain. What’s that you smell? Oh, desperation? Rank as hell, ain’t it? Hell: How involved has Karl Rove gotten in McCain’s campaign that he’s now resorting to this elitist line of bullshit again. The latest? This, from the McCain Campaign:

“Only celebrities like Barack Obama go to the gym three times a day, demand ‘MET-RX chocolate roasted-peanut protein bars and bottles of a hard-to-find organic brew—Black Forest Berry Honest Tea’ and worry about the price of arugula.” (Source)

Not that Rove/McCain don’t know what they’re doing — they’re basically giving closet racists a way to work around their white guilt by giving them an excuse to vote against Barack Obama, based on character. But putting aside the fact that none of this has anything to do with actual, substantive issues, where the hell does McCain come off calling Obama an elitist while he travels around the country in his wife’s private jet? I’m sure they only eat Hamburger Helper with their $1,000 bottle of wines, though.

And I like arugula. A lot. And I’m little more than highly-educated white trash (Hamburger Helper … mmmm).

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Wait, why is it racist to vote against someone because of their character? It's racist to say that you shouldn't vote for someone because they are black, it's not racist to say you shouldn't vote for someone because they are an elitist.

I simply don't see why this is racist in anyway.

I was very offended by this new smear campaign. To me these guys are just one step away from calling him an uppity n-word who doesn't "know his place."

Either that or they are saying that its wrong for a presidential candidate to be in anyway healthy.

I think I'm going to tell my husband that we should stop going to the gym because people might start calling us elitist.

Nick, I think the point was not that the statements themselves were racist, but they serve as a convenient proxy for racists to not vote for a black man for president.

How true that is, I don't know.

Seriously now. Is arugula expensive? Do people really worry about the price of arugula? And what do these jackasses have agains herbal tea? Do I have to cut a bitch?

You know, Honest Tea isn't really all that hard to find.

They sell it at Wegman's, dude.

This is silly.

People - this is subliminal race baiting. What's next - a discussion of something nigardly?