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Yikes! Put Away Your Laser Pointer

800px-Green-lased_palm_tree_%28crop%29.jpgNote to readers: Never point a laser pointer at a helicopter. Even for shits and giggles. You may provoke a manhunt and face possible felony charges. For reals:

State police pilots were on a routine security mission, guarding a liquid natural gas tanker, as it was near shore at about 9:15 p.m. Saturday night, Bousquet said. They noticed a laser light touching their helicopter. Using sophisticated equipment on their helicopter, including cameras, they pinpointed the origin of the light as somewhere in the Medford-Somerville area, Bousquet said.
The search was on — involving authorities from the U.S. Coast Guard, the state police, the Medford Police Department and the Somerville Police Department. About 90 minutes later, police found an adult male. Bousquet would not say exactly how police found him, nor would he identify the man because charges have not been filed at this time, though “illuminating an aircraft” is a federal offense. He said the investigation was turned over to federal officials.
The light never interfered with the pilots’ vision, nor is there any link to a terrorist threat, Bousquet said.

Stick to annoying patrons at movie theaters by pointing your laser at character’s crotches, boys and girls. It’s less likely to elicit the authorities.

But, seriously: How’d they find the guy?

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gps and tapes of the laser. It's the same tecnology they use for counter battery artillery fire. Sheesh! What do they teach you kids in school?