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Thank God Bernie Goetz Wasn’t Around

Train.jpgI got the tar knocked out of me by a girl once — a petite, foul-mouthed 11th grader, who mistook me for some guy that flipped her off (it wasn’t me, I swear). She confronted me in a friend’s backyard with her very large boyfriend in tow, who told me that if I touched her, he’d kick the crap out of me. So, basically, I stood there and took around five closed-punch blows the mouth and nose and thanked my luck stars it wasn’t worse.

I mention this in light of the much-discussed video below, in which a group of girls beat the hell out of a guy on the “A” Train in NYC. The video was filmed by Kadejra Holmes, who is a high school student and aspiring filmmaker, and her background has led to questions about the video’s legitimacy. Was it staged? I think not. Take a look (and the good stuff occurs during the last 30 seconds). And, of course, if subway beatings aren’t your thing, the next video may be: Subway stripping. Enjoy.