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Yes We Can

I’m so fucking sick of the candidates’ stump speeches, folks. I work from home. I tend to have CNN or MSNBC on half the day. I’ve heard every one of their speeches 30 to 40 times already. I know them all by heart. At this point, I could stand up and give the speeches for them, and in the case of McCain, probably better. The guy is just on autoprogram now, spitting out the same lines over and over and over again. And poor fucking Cindy McCain, who has to stand behind him three or four times a day. Stand quietly, smile, and listen to it, over and over and over again, knowing it’s probably for naught. That takes an immense amount of patience and tolerance.

I’m sick to death of it all. Even good ole Barack’s stump speech is starting to weigh on me. I appreciate that he changed it up earlier this week, but even that new speech has been worn into the grooves of my brain. I can’t fucking deal, anymore. I need this election to happen now. But I can’t bring myself to turn off the TV. I can’t bring myself to look away. Why, because seconds ago, McCain delivered one his pat goddamn lines, and then spent five seconds wiping his nose. Spontaneity! The Republican presidential candidate has a runny nose! Film at 6.

But you know what? I ran across this video again. I’ve seen it quite a few times, like everyone else. But, it’s been a while. Hell, it seems like half a lifetime since it came out. It feels kind of new now. And kind of great. And kind of inspiring. And I got goosebumps all over again listening to it. And it reminded me of why the hell we go through this hell. Because we’re about to elect the best motherfucking president in 50 years, people. It’s gonna happen. It’s really gonna fucking happen.

it’s almost over, folks. Four more days. Then you can let your guard down. You can stop watching the campaign coverage. You can go back to your lives. And you can go back knowing that, goddamnit, it’s gonna get better. It’s gonna get fucking better, and this man is gonna take us there.

Yes we can.

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I early voted last week. And for a few days I felt good, I was impervious to all advertising and relaxed. Now I'm worried, and worried that McCain will magically grab this election. Then I tell myself to relax, then I worry so much about how big a hole Obama has to pull this country out of, and I worry it's too great a task for any president. But his words put to music remind me of why he was so exciting in the first place, and why I hope to god he can do more than we can imagine. It'll be hard to do worse, thats for sure.

Reading this while having the video running in the background gave me chills, because it is exactly how I feel right now about all of this, I really hope that Obama wins this election. I can't imagine what will happen if he does not.

Please. Keep worrying.

This is a serious question: do you really believe that things will be that different under Obama in any way that he will be responsible for?