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There are Worse Ways to Go, I Suppose

zack-miri-porno-rogen-banks.jpgIt’s better than being on the crapper, i guess:

A young man born with a heart problem died while watching a porn film. Chris Nicholls, 23, collapsed after getting over-excited as he viewed the blue movie in his bedroom, an inquest heard.
He died of a cardiac arrest weeks after having open-heart surgery.
His body was found by his mum Clare at the family home in Redhill, Surrey. At the inquest she asked pathologist Dr Mary Sheppard, who examined Chris after his death, whether the heart attack was brought on by the film.
She said: “Christopher was watching a blue movie when I found him.

The name of the porno, unfortunately, was not given. But hey! Go see Zack and Miri Make a Porno! It’s 100 percent safe!

(H/T Julia)

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Duh - as in dumbass. Well at least the herd is getting thinned out.