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Won’t someone please think of the strippers?

stripperLegs.jpgDancing gals in a Sarasota, Florida strip club are pissed off. A proposed local ordinance would ban all booze from strip clubs and require dancers to stay at least six feet away from the fine gentlemen visiting their establishment. There’s only one strip club in Sarasota, so the Cheetah Lounge is the only place that would be impacted by this ordinance.

A majority of commissioners for the city said they wouldn’t support banning booze. Presumably because they like to drink while watching the Cheetah ladies. I mean, beer and strippers go together like pretzels and mustard. Sure, you can enjoy the latter without the former, but it’s just not American that way.

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I remember back in the '90s a suburb of Denver enacted a similar law. The next election cycle, a group of strippers put forward a full slate of candidates whose main platform was repealing the law.

They won, and the law was repealed.

Power to the pole dancers!

how would they pick up tips?