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Karma is a Bitch

karma.jpgKyle Gavin Barry should’ve listened to Carson Daly’s theories on Karma, as Earl Hickey once did. Because fucking with it just cost him his life.

Indeed, yesterday morning at around 1 a.m., Barry left his Dodge Caravan to confront a man he had been tailgating for awhile. The man, thinking that Barry was a police officer, pulled over. Barry then identified himself as an FBI Agent, but when the other motorist asked for his ID, Barry punched the man in the face and broke his glasses.

Afterwards, Barry walked calmly back to his car, got in, and was subsequently run over by a dumptruck and killed.

That crazy Karma — sometimes it takes its own sweet time, while other times, it strikes like a cobra.

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I'm afraid to say anything so it won't give me bad karma.

You know what, screw you. You didn't even know him so keep your thoughts to yourself. He was a good person who made a mistake that wasn't worth his life. So FUCK YOU!!!

Mayra, that kind of comment is just the type of one to piss of those in charge of dolling out the karma.

Kyle was a good person who made a bad decision but karma had nothing to do with it. Superstition is highly over rated. People die. It has nothing to do with karma. Karma does not exist. When it is our time to go it is our time. And bad things happen to good people who are always doing right. People should have a little more respect then to talk about the dead like that. Especially when he left loved ones behind who are hurt and might read this. So much for compassion.