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With a boss like this, who needs enemies?

adam-kutner.jpgAdam Kutner is the best kind of lawyer — the kind who runs his practice like an asshole tyrant. The kind who calls his employees kind words like “morons,” “fucking dumb-asses,” “fat bitches” and “cunts.” The kind who flings phone headsets and writing utensils around in anger and disgust. The kind who flings cell phones at a “stupid Mexican” employee.

The kind who punches holes in the wall, who slams doors so hard shit gets busted up, who threatens his employees with golf clubs, who brags about his sexual adventures to his female employees and who makes employees shave his neck.

And the kind who — and this one is over the fucking top — rants about hating large breasts on women.

I mean, calling your employees “fat bitches” and hucking phones at them? Fine enough. But not digging big titties? That’s fucking lunacy.

In any event, he’s currently being sued by three former female employees, and he has previously been sued by three others (he settled those cases). He’s also counter-suing, claiming it’s all a bunch of libel and that these gals are just trying to jump on board a gravy train of sexual harassment settlement money.

(Hat tip: Above the Law.)

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My parents live in LV. This guy's commercials run non-stop on every local station. He's pure ambulance chaser.