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Dude, I totally want to take a speedboat equipped with machine guns to court!

gitmo-tshirt.jpgOver the weekend, Salon featured an interesting piece by Carol Chodroff, a former federal defender who, last week, had her “first experience with the military commissions at the Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, where the U.S. government is putting 15 terror suspects on trial.”

She tells the story of man who’s been held for five years and, now that he was finally getting his day in court, decided he wanted to boycott the hearing, eventually saying:

I don’t accept these charges. There is no justice with me. I am oppressed. I have been brought by force. I didn’t want to come to this court. They have been cruel to me — your strong people.

It’s a quick but interesting read, and I hope this is part of a series, because I’d like to read more.