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Winning the Lottery Ain’t All That

31979b79-499f-48c2-839c-77c4d026d9c9.jpgOne of our illustrious readers, Korey Humphreys, brought this fine story to our attention. It concerns Timothy Elliot, a Massachusetts man who looks like he probably has a few seed ticks in his beard. He’s also probably a little insane.

Anyway, Mr. Elliot bought a $10 lottery ticket and was fortunate enough to have it pay off handsomely: He was awarded $1 million in the state’s $800 million lotto.

Awesome, right?

Well, actually: Mr. Elliot has been convicted twice of robbing banks (unarmed), and sent to mental institutions after each robbery. After he was released following his 2006 bank robbery, a condition of his probation was that he was not allowed to buy lottery tickets.

Elliot has already collected his first 20 $50,000 annuity checks, but in December, a judge will decide if he gets to keep the money. And what to do with it, if not. Poor dude; I hope the judge lets him keep it. It should at least prevent him from robbing banks with his finger in a jacket for a while.

In other lottery news, in Connecticut, two elderly sisters signed a contract 12 years ago “promising to share equally in any winnings they reaped from casinos, slot machines, cards or scratch tickets. It was drafted by a certified public accountant [and] signed by a notary public.” However, after one 80-something year old sister won $500,000 after buying a Powerball lottery ticket with her brother, she split it with him, but refused to pay out under the agreement to her sister, so the other 80-something year old sister is suing. The catch: Connecticut law considers private wagering contracts to be void.

Indeed, a judge ruled that the contract wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on, so the losing sister — who lives in an assisted-living facility — is appealing. And my guess is that these two sisters are gonna spend all that money on legal fees and end up dead and penniless in a couple of years. Shame.

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