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“Will things ever be the same again?”

europe-final-countdown.jpgOver at Pitzer College, some guys have been working to create the Masculinist Coalition and to get official school sponsorship (which they just got, earlier this week). As their charter puts it, they’re “a group created to celebrate man as members see fit, discuss issues men face and (most importantly) have a good time with other people of a similar mindset.” Unsurprisingly, the group met with some controversy and opposition on campus, particularly from some of the feminist and GLBT groups. Sort of understandable, kinda, although I’d tell all of them to chill out a little.

But I’m talking about this here because their Bylaws have the best set of provisions I’ve ever seen, and I would like to propose that all contracts from here-on-out contain a similar provision. From their charter:

3. Shenanigans
a. If, for any reason, a member of the group feels that a meeting is being invaded by people who are there to cause trouble, intentionally sabotage a group vote or just not have a good time any member can yell “Shenanigans!” to initiate shenanigans.
b. The president must approve the declaration of shenanigans before shenanigans can start.
c. Once approved, all attending members must sing Europe’s “The Final Countdown” for 124 minutes, the exact runtime of “Die Hard 2”
c1. Anyone who is not familiar with the song can request a 1 minute demonstration.
d. Anyone not singing “The Final Countdown” must leave immediately and can’t vote that day.
e. At any time, the person who decreed shenanigans or the president can make a motion to end shenanigans.
f. Only the president can officially end shenanigans before the 124 minute mark.

Anything which provides for an official declaration of Shenanigans is already awesome in my book. But to then add “The Final Countdown” into the mix and come up with 124 minutes because that’s the running time of Die Hard 2? Mother fucking genius.

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The Shenanigans section was removed from the bylaws before the charter was approved....

seriously, ummmmmmm? that's a crying shame. and if the other groups think everyone has the right to celebrate their ____________ness, then they have no right to complain. the rules apply to everyone, not just people you like. whiny whinersons.

Just stating a fact.

Well, as a female I must protest.

I want to be allowed to join a group that can officially call shenanigans! That is totally not fair. Screw that. I want to be the president.

sorry ummmmmm, i have an unfortunate habit of jumping off my own conversational train midstream (especially on 3 hours of sleep). none of the whiny bits were at you :-)

Oh those crazy Pitzer kids. To them, EVERY day is 4/20 day!