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Stupid and deranged is a wonderful combination

pug.jpgJoesph Anthony Deiss is some kind of scumbag. Apparently, the 19-year-old likes to get his kicks by fucking around with animals. Like hucking a cute little pug and some rabbits up into the air and watching them come crashing to the ground. And fucking videotaping it.

That’s the deranged part.

The stupid part comes from Deiss posting a 14 minute video of his deranged cruelty to his MySpace page. He has now been charged with six counts of animal abuse, and is being held on $10,000 bail.

Deiss tried to defend himself on the basis that he purchased the rabbits to feed to boa constrictor (the feeding is on the tape too). Said the asshat: “It wasn’t meant to be intentionally cruel. I can see that it was somewhat bad, but nothing got hurt… People feed their snakes all the time.”

It wasn’t meant to be intentionally cruel? Torturing poor little bunnies before leading them to the slaughter — if that ain’t cruel, what is? Oh, that’s right — also torturing a poor, cute little pug. Fuck you Deiss.

(Hat tip to reader Howard H.)