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The Daily Memo - 7/5/07

check.jpgA 27-year-old Columbia University student is suing the school because he got an F on an exam when he skipped it to go see is ill grandparents. (UPI)

check.jpgWell this is just a sad story, on many levels, about a now-dead old dude and all the trouble caused by rabble-rousing over the $2 million he made in oil investments. (The Houston Chronicle)

check.jpgThe father of a boy who died from taking a lightening bolt to the chest is suing his son’s high school, claiming the school didn’t take adequate precautions. (Local6)

check.jpgAn obscure Ohio law is still in effect today, and it says that nobody can be arrested on the Fourth of July, nor on a Sunday, except for a few things like treason or breach of the peace. (Mount Vernon News)

check.jpgA new Missouri law allows folks “to fatally shoot intruders without fear of prosecution or lawsuits.” (STLtoday)

check.jpgSenator Arlen Specter has introduced legislation that looks to limit Bush’s signing statements. (The Raw Story)

check.jpgCharges are pending against a woman who drove her car into a parked patrol car while she was busy text messaging (and also, possibly, impaired). (AZ Central)

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I went to school with the guy who is suing Columbia, and may I just say he's a gigantic dink. He gets some credit from me for trying to improve student government last year, but he is also a boorish, obnoxious ass. I'm sorry about his family situation, but I'd bet even money he was so insufferable about the whole thing that the discretion a professor can exercise in instances like this smacked him upside the head.

I'm surprised more students don't sue over their grades. As a current student I constantly witness how entitled many kids are, and how they act like total grade whores at the end of the semester.