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Why so serious?

andy-dick-mugshot.jpgYeah, I like breasts. And 17-year-old girls have breasts. So sure, maybe I stumbled out of a bar and went up to 17-year-old chick and pulled her tank top and bra down so I could get a look-see. I mean look, can you blame me? First of all, she had great cans. Second of all, I was high as a kite on the weed and the Xanax. Everyone knows weed plus Xanax plus knockers equals good mother fucking times.

I don’t give a shit — arrest me for assaulting a minor. You know why I’m laughing? Cause the joke’s on you! I got to see 17-year-old ta-tas, and all you get to see is this drugged out sorry sack of a former comedian. Ha!

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I always said he would have made a perfect Joker.