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The nice guy finishes last

mr-nice-guy.jpgSteve Kink tried to be a good citizen. He saw a dude bust the window of a cell phone shop, hoping to do a smash-and-grab. Kink went after the robber and although he took a fist to the face, he managed to tackle the guy and pin him down. Other witnesses called the cops who came and arrested the wannabe robber.

A few days later, the cops showed up at Kink’s house to arrest him for assault:

Mr Kink said he is appalled at the way he is being treated. He said: ‘I thought I was doing the right thing by making a bit of a citizen’s arrest. All I did was use reasonable force to hold him down.
‘The officers who turned up appeared grateful at first but now I am facing an assault charge.’

Bloody brilliant.

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This is sad, but when you consider how restricted the right to self-defense has become, not surprising. I hope he challenges these charges and they get thrown out as frivolous, but considering how many municipal judges see assault as an easy revenue stream, he may get himself in even more trouble by doing so.

Throw in a few undercover cops, and some people getting shot, and this would make a great bar exam question!