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Who would Jesus pimp?

buddy-jesus.jpgReader Jen pointed out this story, noting that “at least the Catholics are giving the Republicans a run for their money.” No doubt. The Catholic in question would be Dr. Paul Schum, the 50-year-old principal of a Catholic high school in Bardstown, Kentucky (the article says that Bardstown is “known as the first center of Catholicism west of the Appalachian Mountains,” for whatever that’s worth). So last month, a cop was doing a routine patrol of the neighborhood, looking for drug dealers and hookers and the such, when he noticed a gal “dressed to the nines.” As a metro police detective put it:

[The patrol officer] observed the individual dressed in a black leather woman’s outfit with fishnet stockings, fake breasts, a blonde wig and he had on lipstick.

Yuppers — our hooker-in-waiting was none other than the good Doctor himself, in drag, and prowling the street for fresh meat. He was charged with loitering for the purpose of prostitution and, the next day (Halloween), the Archdiocese of Louisville issued a statement noting that the good Doctor had asked for, and would be getting, a paid personal leave while things were worked out.

It’s too bad for Dr. Schum that he wasn’t busted one day later, ‘cause then he just could’ve said he was out trick or treating!

Here’s a photo of Dr. Schum. Unfortunately, it’s sans drag.


Having seen what some of the gals who walk the street look like (god bless you HBO), if you can get over the big hands and the adam’s apple, I bet he’s better than average when done up all sexy like.