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The Most Important Question Facing Congress Today. Period.

250px-Toasted_sandwich.jpgWas Kennison “Mohammed” Battle fired from his position at the Capitol Hill cafeteria because Indiana Republican Representative Mark Souder had him fired after Mohammed grilled his sandwich instead of toasting it?

We may never know — the cover-up is extensive. House Administration Committee Chairman Robert Brady (D-Pa.), who has jurisdiction over the cafeteria, is pissed off and trying to get Mohammed his job back. Souder now claims that he had nothing to do with the firing. And the cafe manager, who says she was “forced” to fire Mohammed, has only this to say now: “No talking to reporters! No talking to reporters, please!”

Can we get the President to open up an independent investigation? What’s Ken Starr doing? Can we get Veronica Mars? We need to get to the bottom of this. Now. Before the clues dry up, before the trail goes cold. We must end this national nightmare. Today.