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Who were they? And as a follow-up question, can we crown them?

cardinals-logo.jpgIf you’re a football fan, you surely know and love former Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green’s infamous press-conference meltdown after they spectacularly blew a chance to upset the Chicago Bears. Hell, Coors Light is using it in their ridiculous ad campaign, so you probably know it even if you aren’t a football fan (and if you still have no idea what I’m talking about, you can check out the video after the jump, and giggle quietly to yourself).

So Denny has decided to try to cash in on his infamy by filing a trademark application for “They Are Who We Thought They Were.” Seems that Denny wants to stick his quote up on all sorts of crap: hats, shirts, jogging pants and even sweat bands.

At first, I was a bit disappointed at the lack of creativity here, just thinking about putting a slogan on the same crap everyone else puts slogans on. But then I remembered Denny Green’s coaching style, and it all made sense.*

*(For you non-football fans, Dennis Green is a terrible coach — uncreative, lacking in charisma and, aside from this video clip, entirely unremarkable.)