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Modern-era criminal, thy name is stupidity

money.jpgThree gentlemen in the fine state of Georgia decided to use a printer, purchased from the local Target, to make some fake money. Fair enough.

But when they returned the printer to Target, wouldn’t you know, they left some of their work product in the printer:

A clerk told police she was checking the package returned by Michael Jerome Chatman, 35, of Harlem, when she saw a piece of paper inside the printer. On it were copies of a $20 and $10 bill, according to a Richmond County sheriff’s report.
Police say Chatman quickly grabbed the printer and ran from the store but was stopped by a Richmond County deputy outside. Police arrested Diamond Tiara Green, 30, and Kotto Yaphet Green, 24, both of the 3300 block of Jonathan Circle, and Chatman on charges of second-degree forgery, the report says. Upon frisking Chatman, police found a real $20 bill that they said matched the copy inside the printer.


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Diamond Tiara Green is good, but Kotto Yaphet Green is an all-time classic.

Here's a guess: his parents wanted to name him after Yaphet Kotto, but didn't want to seem obvious about it so they decided to switch the names around...

If I ever decide to quit being a lawyer, I think Diamond Tiara Green will be my new "stage" name. Strippers still call them stage names right?