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Who better to help the healing process?

motherOfTheYear.jpgIn Huntingdon, Tennessee, Mary Winkler is the shining example of a good wife and mother. If the kind of example you’re looking for is a lady who kills her husband with a shotgun blast. Last year Winkler was arrested for killing her minister-husband, although she says it was an accident - Winkler claims she was holding a shotgun while confronting her husband about his physical and emotional abuse of her and the gun simply went off accidentally. She was convicted of voluntary homicide, and hit with a three year sentence, although she was freed after just five months (plus two months in a mental health shop).

This story is back in the news now because Winkler wants to regain custody of her three daughters. Since being arrested, she has only seen them twice, although she sends letters and talks to them on the phone. The girls are currently in the custody of the dead husband’s parents and, understandably, they don’t want Winkler getting the girls back. In fact, they’re currently working to terminate Winkler’s rights to the kids so that they can adopt the girls. But Winkler says that - get this - she should have them back because she’s the one who can best help them heal emotionally from having their dad killed. By her, mind you.

Winkler told Judge Ron Harmon that she is competent to care for her children thanks to psychological counseling and drugs for anxiety and depression. The girls are now 10, 8 and 2 years old.
The children’s paternal grandparents, she said, also refuse to let her father and other members of her family visit the girls. “My children need 100 percent of their family,” Winkler said.
John Ciocca, a clinical psychologist, testified that denying young children access to a parent can be emotionally damaging. “If these children continue to be kept from their mother without good reason, they can be harmed by it,” Ciocca said.

Being kept from their mother without good reason? Uhm, how about the fact that she killed their father? I think that qualifies as a pretty damn good reason.

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"I think that qualifies as a pretty damn good reason."

Unless she was telling the truth.

Thank you, Elizabeth. You took the words right out of my mouth.

One might disagree with the verdict, or the sentence, but from the little I know about this case I believe justice was served. I would not be surprised if she loses parental rights - but I'm certainly not surprised that the issue isn't moot, and I won't be shocked if she gets her kids back. I kind of hope she does. This man terrorized her AND them, and I'm not sure that losing her would be a good thing for the children.

I think that mary winkler should get supervised visitation visits with her children. To think that Dan and Diane Winkler are trying to get custody of them themselves. These are supposely Christians. They do not know that forgiveness is part of God's plan. I feel that counseling should also occur with mary, the winklers, and the children all together.