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But how much is that in Unicorns?

unicorns.jpgLast February I told you about That’s What She Said, a website run by a Georgia labor lawyer. She tries to have a little fun with her employment law practice by looking at each episode of “The Office” and giving a run down on what that week’s episode is likely to cost Dunder Mifflin in terms of legal exposure. A recent WSJ Law Blog post reminded me of the fact that this site would be providing new updates now that “The Office” is running new episodes and, sure enough, we’ve learned that last week’s season premier could cost the paper company almost half-a-million smackeroos. Seems that hitting employees with your car and calling meetings to talk about employees’ religious beliefs may not be the best course of action for employers.

How long until there’s a law school course based on “The Office?” Now that’s a course I totally would’ve shown up to on a regular basis.

And here’s a clip with one of my favorite lines from “The Office,” shared for no other reason than the fact that this post provides the perfect excuse for including the clip: