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Which is Worse? Penis to the Face? Or Face to Shart Contact?

churella-j.jpgCan we all just concede that, when you’re in high school, you’re a dumbass? And maybe leave it at that? I mean, look at this: A 17-year-old kid was arrested yesterday for an incident last December, in which the victim was pinned down by one of his wrestling teammates. Then the 17-year-old perpetrator came over, bent down, and basically slapped the victim in the face with his dick.

The victim freed himself, washed out his mouth, and presumably boys went back to being boys. Until nearly a year later when, I’m guessing, the victim got pissed off at his attacker for unrelated reasons and decided to bring charges to get back at him.

All of which reminds me of a ridiculous incident that happened in my high school during basketball practice. A couple of kids pinned down another guy, held his head down with a towel over his eyes, and then challenged him to raise his head. Of course, once he did. another guy was sitting over him, so that his face landed in the guy’s ass. And the guy, in an attempt to time the face-to-ass smack with a fart, accidentally sharted, which … well, it wasn’t pretty.

No criminal charges were filed.

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You know, that's how you get pinkeye.

Three simple words: registered sex offender.

I hope the victim understands the implications of what he's doing to his classmate.

Couldn't he just sue the school for negligent supervision instead?

It's simply amazing how often boys' hazing involves homoeroticism.