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eagles-fan.jpgHerbert Simpson made Eagles fans proud by trying to extort (mother fucking Super Bowl Champion) New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin. The Smoking Gun has an affidavit from the G-Man who investigated the incident. Seems that Simpson sent two phony letters to Coughlin, claiming to be written by women who said they’d expose Coughlin’s affairs with them unless he paid them. The affairs “took place” when the Giants were in Philly for a game last December.

The Feds tracked these women down, and they knew nuthin’ about nuthin’, but recognized Simpson’s handwriting. Simpson admitted that he wrote the letters as payback for “work-related issues” he had with the two gals, and for this little plan of revenge, he’s facing up to 2 years in the clink.

As the G-Man were leaving their interview with Simpson, he reportedly hucked a beer bottle at the Fed’s head and yelled “that’s right, youse better run!”