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Where’s my ten dollars?!

wheres-my-two-dollars.jpgRidiculous. An Ohio couple was almost arrested for owing $10 in city income taxes. They were late on the payment and the city, apparently desperate for the Hamilton, issued an arrest warrant and sent to county sheriff’s deputies out to pick up Daniel Clark and his wife. The county finance director takes a hard stance on this, saying:

Most people pay their income taxes, so it’s not fair to them that others choose to ignore them. It’s unfortunate that we have to go to these lengths to collect taxes.’

To be fair, Kimberly Clark admits to having ignored several notices about this from the county, because she “always thought certified mail was a legal matter and we’ve never had any legal issues before.” So she’s an idiot. But, still, an arrest warrant for ten bucks just seems like a bit of a waste of county resources, which obviously must be in such high demand if they’re so desperate for the 10 bucks in the first place, you know?

Anyway, the Clarks weren’t arrested since they agreed to head to court the afternoon the deputies stopped by. And they did show up to court, where the charges against them were dropped, although they were hit with a $426 fine.

…fucking government. Man’s always stomping his boot on our necks, I’ll tell you what.