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Awwww, poor Fox News just can’t catch a break

On Fox News last week, we got to see a nice little, uhm, anti-Fox Noise chant (the highlight is around the 2:20 mark):

So wait, if someone doesn’t want to talk to Fox News, they don’t believe in freedom of speech? Jesus I hate those fuckers.

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Vox populi, vox dei


The most insidious part of the *ahem* broadcast is the scroll at the bottom calling them "leftists". You know, like Guerilla terrorists? No wonder half of this country won't listen to a word the other half has to say. At some point, this kind of [news] will be perceived as akin to shouting fire in a crowded theater and be regulated. I would be for fines where it can be demonstrated by a preponderance that the [news] was false and the [reporter] knew or should have known it was false. the fine should come directly from the reporter's pocket, with a 10X fine from Murdoch's pocket. They don't understand morality and ethics, you have to him them in the wallet.

*getting off saopbox* I thank you for your support.