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Where I Come From, We’d Call Her Trailer Trash

542389855_811a187e7b.jpgBut apparently if you’re on the VP ticket, you’re a hero.

I know I should probably let this go, but this Sarah Palin V.P. pick is so much goddamn fun, I’ve become preoccupied with it. So, in case you were actually doing something enjoyable with your life over the holiday, here’s the latest on Sarah Palin:

1) It was revealed that she hired a lawyer to represent her for the Troopergate scandal, where she’s been accused of putting pressure on someone in her administration to fire her ex-brother-in-law, who was embroiled in an ugly custody dispute with her sister.

2) For two years in the 90s, she belonged to the Alaska Independent Party, which — at times — has pushed for Alaska to secede from the Union. John McCain’s campaign theme is “Country First.”

3) Sarah Palin’s husband was arrested in 1984 for DWI.

4) Although she touted being against the Bridge to Nowhere in her stump speech, she was in fact for it during her campaign for governor.

5) There’s ample evidence that her husband impregnated her before they were married.

6) It’s become clear that John McCain wanted Joe Lieberman as his VP choice, but the conservative right wouldn’t allow it. So, in order to keep his pick a secret, he did very little vetting of Sarah Palin, which has resulted in all this embarrassment.

7) She was the director of indicted Senator Ted Steven’s 527. McCain’s running on a message of reform.

8) Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant.

Now, like any good communist liberal, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the last few days, especially the fact that the choice of Sarah Palin has clearly overshadowed the Republican Convention (does anyone realize it’s even going on this week?). But what’s chapping my hide is how well the conservatives are taking it. I keep checking conservative sites — Fox News, Newsbusters, etc. — thinking that the bloggers and commenters would be throwing their hands up in the air. But they keep throwing the same phrase around:

“Sarah Palin is a real American with real problems. She’s salt of the Earth.”

What? Are you fucking kidding me? If Barack Obama had a teenager daughter who was pregnant, I can only imagine the racist shit the conservatives would be chucking at him.

And by the way, when did we start congratulating teenagers for getting knocked up?! This is absolutely crazy. And the conservative pundits are all, like: “I think it’s absolutely fantastic that she’s having this child.” Hey! She’s fucking boys without the blessing of God. Nothing? That’s fine, just so long as she has the baby and marries the boy?

And another thing: Someone called out my feminist credentials last week because I took issue with Palin returning to work three days after giving birth to a special needs child. Come on: Bad parenting is not feminist. Balancing your career and your children is feminist. Putting your career ahead of your children is shitty. Take a week off. Three weeks off. Use your government mandated 12 weeks of leave. If you’ve got the money, and the opportunity, take it. Having children means sacrifices. For both the mother and the father, which I say proudly as a part-time stay-at-home father.

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Well, really Dustin, why should she stay home with it? I mean it certainly doesn't seem like she was at all pleased to be knocked up again, after all, she did hide her pregnancy for seven months!?!?

Seriously, wtf? Her teenage daughter's premarital sexcapades and resulting conception are to be embraced, but her own latest pregnancy was something shameful that needed to be hidden for as long as possible?

amen! that party is so full of shit my mind is officially blown by it. As a proud vagina'd american, Sarah Palin is in no way shape or form representative of my needs or beliefs as a woman. In fact, she pretty much stands for everything I hate.

Will this finally put an end once and for all to the stupifyingly naive abstinence-only sex ed policy touted by social conservatives (like Palin)? No doubt it should, but we've seen time and again that the Republican party has an amazingly high threshold for hypocrisy.

Let's see, Obama's mother was an unwed teenager too. But of course, it was much better that his father abandoned the family and left his grandparents to do the work of raising him.

But if she had aborted him, as the current left seems to prefer - there would be no ObaMessiah today.

I just read a comment on another blog that these problems were no secret to McCain and he will replace Palin before the election - doesn't that seem more likely? I'm no republican fan, but I can't imagine any of these things weren't turned up in even the simplest background check. Way more likely that there is another agenda.

To titansaturnae:
a. Nobody is voting for Obama's parents. There is a big difference between what your parents did before you were born (you cannot control it), what your children do (you can sort of control it) and what you do (this you can control). Palin's daughter being impregnated is not really an issue to me. Her stance on abstinence education in spite of that shows poor judgment and a stubborn denial of reality.

b. "ObaMessiah" "Obamabinladin" "Obomba" "McSame" "McShame", etc. makes you sound shallow. Let's try to keep the arguments cerebral when possible, there is enough muck to wade through.

One heartbeat away folks..one heartbeat...away.

Okay, so let me get this straight:

The mother of a passel of kids has a pregnant and unwed 17 year old daughter who wants to keep and raise the child. Not abort it; not hide away somewhere to give the child up for adoption.

No the whole family rallies around and supports the child and her decision, resolving to make the best of a less than ideal situation.

I don't know what goes on the Palin family; neither does anybody else. Judging them harshly for living what they believe (they're conservative Republicans: what would you expect of them?) says more about those doing the judging than it does about the Palin's. If the abortion is really about choice, hasn't Ms. Palin - and her family - exercised theirs? And what business is it of anybody else's to judge them for it.

Also, a DWI in 1984? What was he, 18? 19? WHATTHEFUCKEVER!

All this defensiveness is coming from the same folks who impeached a GOOD president for getting a blowjob, and kept reminding us of how he smoked weed once, AND dragged a war hero through the mud.

I say i'ts about time we stopped being nice.

Oh come on, you're just staying home part time so you can perform your online alter-ego duties ; )

Now I'm the last person who would criticize a working mom and the decisions she's making, but this situation doesn't sit well with me. I'm currently trying to get back into the full time work force after having been out for two years to have two kids, and I'm having a really hard time trying to move forward from where I left off instead of being ushered into what are considered appropriate positions for women in my situation (admin, secretarial, etc). It's insulting. But I acknowledge the sacrifices that I, and my husband, have had to make for our family. And while I look forward to a long and successful career, it will always hold equal or less importance than my children, never more. Five kids is a huge responsibility and challenge, but one that the Palins chose to have. It doesn't seem, from their actions so far, that they are living up to this. Maybe if she was using her position as an opportunity to talk about responsible sex education policies, or to change our shamefully inadequate parental leave laws, that would be one thing. But I don't see the republicans talking about that in their Orwellian rhetoric.

Frankly this whole circus sickens me.

Yeah, you are a douchebag. Come on, just admit you are a sexist biased jerk. Liberals are, and I'm glad to see that you are so happy to call people "white trash." From the party of tolerance, right?

But let's go through your lies, and since they have been debunked already, you have to know you are lying about Palin. It's standard operating procedure, of course, to lie on the left.

1) "Troopergate" Yeah, please, please please take the side of the fired trooper. He beat his wife, tasered his kid, drove his patrol car drunk--and you are saying he shouldn't have been fired? Come on, just admit it: if the person being abused is a conservative woman, you'd support it.

2) Palin was never a member of the AIP. That was just made up out of whole cloth by the NYT. They've released her registration records, and she's always been a Republican. But why let the facts interfere with a good slam?

3) Sure, a DWI for her husband. And Obama was doing cocaine and heroin at the time. You lose on the drug habits issue. By all means, tell America that because her hubby got a DWI over twenty years ago, she is disqualified, but Obama who did a whole bunch of illegal drugs is a-okay! Hypocrite. Another Liberal trait.

4) The Bridge to nowhere. And lessee... She killed it. Do you deny that? She killed the bridge. Of Course, Obama has never changed his mind, has he...... oh, never! Hypocrisy, once more!

5) Are you freaking kidding me? Why not go with the rest of the DailyKos talking points and accuse her of incest too?

6) None of this is embarrassing. If you want to talk about vetting, let's do this. Start with Obama, please. Ayers, Wright, Rezko. His communist background. The fact Obama won't let documents out. Who vetted Obama? Please! Obama has no problems hanging with men who's deepest desire is to kill Americans. See Ayers. And you say that Palin has problems because her daughter made a choice that millions of other girls have made? Newsflash: Millions of people have gotten pregnant while teenagers. How many people adore terrorists like Obama did? Oh, wait--Leftists orgasm when US troops die too.

7) I thought Obama was running on "change"? How much pork did Obama funnel to his cronies again? Besides, Palin (as you well know, but refuse to discuss) took on the system in Alaska and won. Obama is a machine politician from Chicago who no one can name any accomplishment of his.

8) That's right, women should be barefoot and pregnant! Slaves in the kitchen! Any real american would abort this kid!

Sexist pig.

Why do conservatives love Palin? Because she's a liberals worst nightmare. Just like all the other conservative women who are demonized here because they aren't "real women", such as Malkin and Coulter. You liberals cannot stand the idea of a woman who can think for herself and not parrot communist talking points. Conservative values empower women, and that thought is heresy to you liberals. You can't imagine someone who actually believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And means it.

Palin didn't need any coattails--she got there on her own. And you libs who can't understand why conservatives love her will never understand why you keep losing elections, either. Your party only offers "america is evil, bad, and bitter and the only solution is let us run your life."

No thanks.

I'd really appreciate it if people would stop calling Bristol Palin's pregnancy her "choice," because that's the complete opposite of what it was. If you don't believe in choice, and you spend the better part of your adult life preaching against choice, then you don't get to pat yourself - or your daughter - on the back when you "choose" not to abort a baby. I prefer my politicians to be less than totally full of shit, thank you very much.

to titansaturnae, tiddo, and Vanceone,

When did anyone suggest Bristol Palin should have had an abortion? Pro-choice means exactly what it says: pro-choice, not pro-abortion.

To ade: When did anyone suggest Bristol should have had an abortion?

Why, Barack Obama did! How, you ask? When he said he supported abortion because he didn't want his daughters to be "punished" with a baby. Ergo, he thinks having children is a punishment, to be aborted. What his daughters think of this is unknown, but hearing their dad say children are a punishment can't be very nice.

As for others, just go to Democratic underground or the DailyKos where they accuse the Palins of incest.

Q: "And by the way, when did we start congratulating teenagers for getting knocked up?!"

A; When people bought tickets for "Juno."

Vanceone, I refer you once again to the concept of choice. Punishment would be to have a child you didn't want, because you weren't presented with the option of birth control. Unimpeded access to birth control equals fewer abortions.

To Vanceone-

Obama wasn't saying that having children, in the broad sense, was a punishment. Specific circumstances would certainly classify certain pregnancies as punishment (for both mother and child). Obama is not stupid enough to publicly announce that Bristol Palin should have an abortion.

Ade has said it best: "When did anyone suggest Bristol Palin should have had an abortion? Pro-choice means exactly what it says: pro-choice, not pro-abortion."

Vanceone, I just went to DailyKos and did a search for incest. There has been no accusations of incest in Sarah Palin's family on that site. So please go back to watching Fox News and stop spreading your lies here.

Obama wasn't saying that having children, in the broad sense, was a punishment. Specific circumstances would certainly classify certain pregnancies as punishment (for both mother and child). Obama is not stupid enough to publicly announce that Bristol Palin should have an abortion.