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Eat Those Talking Points, Douchebags (All Palin All The Time)

It’s almost too goddamn easy. James Carville vs. A Woman Who Can’t Blink who is spitting out talking points that she can’t possibly believe. It’s a long video, and although it’s all pretty entertaining, around the 6:15 minute mark, when A Woman Who Can’t Blink accuses Carville of being demeaning to women, that’s when it starts to get really good.

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She's a Congresswoman?!!

This is why I'm a Democrat!

I never thought I'd swoon for James Carville. Too bad the intelligent discussion gets lost so often in the muck.

actually, Carville blinks less.

Didn't Carville have a random cameo in "The Assassination of Jessie James [..]"?

I love him and his little bald head.