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Where else can you read about Canadian politics and stupid Floridians in one fell swoop?

quirky-scrabble.jpgNo where but QuizLaw, that’s where!

Look, last week I posted about the fact that the ol’ QuizLaw is in the running for quirkiest blawg of the year. I also said that we may not sink to the type of demeaning tactics we undertook last year to win the ABA Journal’s award for Best Generally Speaking Blog.

And we still may not. That being said, it doesn’t sit well in my belly, or my auntie nellie for you fans of Cockney rhyming slang, that we’re currently losing to a blog from across the pond, one that is questioning our country’s ability to have fair elections is this here internet contest. That’s some shenanigans. Are you going to let some English website come into our internets and belittle us like that?

Vote QuizLaw if you love America!

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I voted AGAIN...zzzzzzzzzz
I checked out the other blog. It's boring.
Hope you guys win.

America I can take or leave, but QL got my left-click.