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Public humiliation, thy name is this guy

humiliation.jpgFrederick Tanne is a Manhattan senior partner at Kirkland & Ellis, a big firm of which I could say nasty things but won’t because I’m about to go to trial against them and don’t need to give them locker room bulletin board fodder. Anyway, earlier this year he sued his wife of 22 years, claiming that she cheated on him and, as a result, gave him herpes. Which led to pain and suffering, etc. etc., money please.

The thing of it is, his wife recently filed court papers showing that she’s negative for the herp so, whoops, looks like you got it from some straying of your own, Mr. Tanne. To be fair, it is possible to get the herp with actually having sex, but it means Tanne was at least rubbing up against another. And now what’s he got to show for it? A worthless lawsuit and a public record of his STD. Fail.

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That's the greatest picture ever.

Did he get it from a tractor?