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When she says she isn’t in the mood, believe her

Members of the Christopher Street Day demonstr... Australian Jean Meiers, 58, is on trial for manslaughter. She is accused of “failing her duty of care” in the case of her lover, Geoffrey Braunack, 47. In a case of what the defense calls “bondage gone wrong”, Meiers claims she reluctantly strung Braunack up, then took a shower. When she got back, he was dead:

Sen Const Moore said Meiers was yelling: “I killed him, he’s f**k;ing dead, he’s dead” and “I told the f**king idiot he wouldn’t get out of this one”.
Ms Meiers became hysterical when she was told her partner had died, Sen Const Moore said.
She said Ms Meiers had told her that Mr Braunack had badgered her for hours to tie him “like she used to” but that she had never liked playing her partner’s sex games.

Let this be a lesson to you all: do not half-ass the BDSM, people. If everyone involved isn’t giving 100%, stuff like this happens.