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Get bent, tax man!

get-bent-taxman.jpgRandy Nowak is the owner of a construction company in Florida. He was being audited by the IRS and was understandably freaked out by the possibility of owing $300,000 in back taxes. So he hired a hitman to take out the IRS agent auditing him.

Trouble is, the hitman Nowak gave $20,000 to was actually an undercover FBI agent.

Oh, and Nowak wasn’t just freaked about owing back taxes — allegedly, he was worried the Feds would find $4 million he had hidden in various offshore accounts.

You know, he might get a jury to sympathize with his desire to kill the tax man if it wasn’t for that whole $4 million business. Too bad.

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What's with the giant LDS ad banner? I didn't even know the Mormons advertised.

What's the pic from?

The pic is from Stranger than Fiction. Maggie Gyllenhaal is yelling at Will Ferrell because he works for the IRS.

...and in that scene she is yelling...you guessed it-"Get bent, tax man!"