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When logic and the law fail to meet

homelessBeer.jpgBack in 1994, Larry W. Moore, Jr. was convicted in North Carolina of “indecent liberty with a child.” This is a felony sex crime which earned him the joy of joining other kiddie piddlers on the sex registry. Moore is now in Georgia, where a new law requires all offenders to register on the registry or face a life sentence in prison. Moore failed to register and was recently convicted under this law, so he now faces such a life sentence.

The thing of it is, Moore couldn’t register even if he wanted to because he’s homeless. In other words, he’s got no address to register with. The Sheriff’s office doesn’t care: “One of the requirements when you become a sex offender is you have to have an address.” Moore’s public defender argues that this is preposterous, amounting to cruel and unusual punishment.

Now I’m certainly not a fan of anyone convicted of sex offenses, particularly those dealing with kids. And I have no problem with Moore being subject to the requirement that he stay 1,000 feet away from school and day care centers and bus stops, etc. Had he violated that portion of the law, I would similarly have no problem with his conviction. But that he’s basically going to get tossed in the clink for life because he’s homeless? Well, yeah, that I do have a bit of a problem with. To be fair, I don’t know if there was an option of registering with a shelter address - if there was, and if he declined to stay in a shelter (as many homeless do, for a variety of reasons), then I have less of a problem with this outcome. But otherwise, it seems a bit hornked up to me.

On the plus side, I guess, it looks like Moore will have a permanent home for the rest of his life.

(In a somewhat related story, an admitted Californian pedophile has been issued a statewide restraining order to stay more than 10 yards away from any kid, and Eugene Volokh thinks this is unconstitutional.)

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People are not allowed to use a shelter as an address. That is why it is so hard for homeless people to find jobs. You can't apply for a job without an address. That is one of the many problems with our system.

not all people convicted are guilty
women lie

Kids love to lie about adults touching their private parts too, its much more fun than playing at the park.