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Chris Dodd Rips Bill O’Reilly a New Asshole …

Dodd (D-Connecticut) has no chance in hell in ‘08, but dear God, I think I feel a little man crush coming on. There is nothing I love more than to see Mr Falafel lose his cool. I mean, Bill got the smack down, and then — in the clip’s final seconds — has the nerve to say, “We appreciate you coming in and taking the fire, though.” Hmm mmm.

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I love how O'Reilly did not feel too bad about slapping that "objectionable" pic up, especially since he disclaimed it right before the piece started. If he felt his audience would find THAT so damn vile that they would turn the channel. why put it up in the first place? Exactly.

And that picture doesn't seem hateful to me. In fact, it shows quite a bit of love between the subjects.

My favorite part is at the beginning when O'Reilly says that this is "the worst thing on the internet." Really? I can think of a few things that are worse, like, I don't know, child porn maybe?

Can you imagine what would be said if someone spoke to a Republican Senator or Rep. like that.

O'Reilly is really losing it.

In the last fourteen seconds he says "F You!" under his breath to Dodd. Seriously, go back to the last 19 seconds and listen carefully!!

Ha Ha
"No, I didn't say it here."
So, you don't deny you said it?

He didn't say "F You", he said "a few" in a snide tone.

The "F You" was there implicitly, though. Heh.