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What’s the shoe polish for?

shoePolish.jpgHoly hell - Timothy Joseph Pentaleri, a 42-year-old army officer, was charged last month with attempted kidnapping and attempted harassment/stalking. Seems that he showed up to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport on June 29 in a wig and fake mustache and beard. Unsurprisingly, he looked suspicious while hanging out like this in the baggage area, so the cops stopped him to have a little chat. This led to them finding out that he was carrying all sorts of fun toys with him: a stun gun, a folding pocket knife, an expandable baton and three cans of Mace. So they hit Pentaleri up with a trespassing charge and escorted him off the airport property, dumping him off at a nearby hotel.

The cops then went back to the airport and started looking at surveillance footage, from which they were able to track down Pentaleri’s SUV. So they went to check it out and, through the window, they say that there was a shovel, rope, flex cuffs and a duffel bag. This is when Pentaleri had the bad timing to actually return to his SUV, with the cops right there. Doh! After getting a search warrant, the cops found out what was in that duffel bag, and things just went from bad to worse for Pentaleri - his bag contained, among other things, six condoms, a turkey baster, KY jelly, plastic gloves, zip ties, lighters, shoe polish and Clorox wipes.

Worse yet, the cops also found a notebook which pieced everything together, as it laid out Pentaleri’s plan to find and catch an ex-girlfriend. There was also a handwritten flow chart which identified his ultimate goal to “club her hard” (and there were two backup plans, in case she wasn’t alone, one of which was apparently a “fatal” plan). Seems he’d been harassing his ex since their breakup in April, and this was obviously the culmination of the harassment. The cops later confirmed that the ex did, in fact, fly through the airport that day, so it sounds like she was very lucky that the cops were pretty diligent in doing their job.