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What’s fat and forced to start over?

weiss.jpgIf you said “Charlie Weis,” you’d be correct. Notre Dame’s football coach has been involved in a trial over his allegedly botched gastric bypass surgery. He had the surgery back in 2002, and as you can see, it didn’t exactly work. So he filed a medical malpractice action against two of his doctors, claiming they screwed the pooch by failing to deal with internal bleeding and infection that took place after the surgery.

Well yesterday, on the eve of the case being handed over to the jury, the judge declared a mistrial in his lawsuit. An expert was giving testimony when a juror began moaning and then collapsed. Several doctors in the courtroom came to his aid, including both of the doctors being sued. The other jurors were quickly kicked out of the courtroom, but some still saw the defendant doctors rush over to help the collapsed juror.

Weis’ attorney then asked for a mistrial because the jury might see the doctors as, I dunno, doing what doctors are supposed to do! As their attorney put it:

“They responded the way they were trained to do. They simply stood up and tried to help.”

The doctors’ lawyer also said a mistrial would be unfair because they already had to juggle their schedules so the trial could take place during the offseason. But the judge was unmoved: “The integrity of the court is more important than schedules.”

The mistrial means that Weis will have to start the trial all over again. But this shouldn’t be a big deal because something tells me he’s used to going back for seconds!

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The doctors did exactly what they were supposed to do. Can you imagine how the jury would have felt if the doctors had not responded to their sick peer?

Doctors can't win in the corrupt jackpot justice liablity courts.

One would think, as the judge was being so blase, that these doctor's work might be important on an EQUAL LEVEL to this judge's perception of the "integrity of the court."

A necessary reform:

Cases of lawyer malpractice should only be heard in special courts where all the judges and jurors are physicians!

As long as he followed his new regime of diet he should have obvious weight loss but if he did indeed have internal bleeding after the surgery it should have been corrected.